July 19, 2013

cozy hound martingale collars

These are some gorgeous martingale collars!  I met crafty collar maker, Judy Allen, when I shot photos of greyhounds at a rescue event back in May.  Cozy Hound martingales are super durable and made with high quality ribbon. Judy's got a pattern to please every hound owner as well... naturally I gravitate towards her modern line.  I've had a good time photographing Judy's beautiful collars and if you want to see more, here's a link to the Hydrant's Pinterest page.  All are available for sale at the Hydrant.

June 28, 2013

put a plant in it

I added some fun to a window display at the Hydrant by repurposing some dog and cat food cans.  They make nice little pots for my succulents and the big, sunny window is giving them the perfect place to thrive.

January 12, 2013

Has it really been 8 months?

Wow.  My floral design blog sure has been neglected.  Working a full time job kept me from taking on any big floral design commitments in 2012. Plus the addition of a puppy to our family in October gave me lots of things to do that certainly did not include flowers!  Luckily a new puppy is a fabulous muse for taking lots of photos so my love of photography has not suffered.  My other blog, HousePet, struggled a bit for a while but seems to be back in action again.  I could talk about dogs and canine nutrition until I'm blue in the face so my blogging for a dog boutique is a fabulous creative outlet for me and successful for the store. Life is good and I certainly cannot complain about being busy and happy. 

Back to our new puppy, Minnow... 

Minnow LOVES to destroy house plants and floral arrangements.  She has broken many a vintage vase and plucked the leaves off so many of my green friends.  Until she gets her angst for plants under control, my house will continue to be a little less green and flowery.  Those that were lucky enough to survive have found homes in rooms behind closed doors or up on the highest shelves.  Aside from some naughty teeth, Minnow is a sweet pup and I'm completely smitten by her.  Watching her and Lottie run around and play warms my heart daily.  I love my dogs!

During the last 8 months, I have made a few floral and succulent arrangements and I'm striving to find some time and inspiration to be creative in 2013.  I took a few photos along the way (mostly of Minnow and Lottie).  One thing is for sure, my little world will always include both plants and animals - that's my perfect balance. 

May 22, 2012

Wedding flowers for A + J: May 19, 2012

Flowers, cute dogs, a road trip, and two wonderful friends tie the knot. What a wonderful weekend!

I made so many floral arrangements (33 of them!), a special bridal bouquet as unique as the bride, and some really sweet boutonnieres made with ranunculus buds and greenery from my flower garden.  The dogs were kind enough to lay at my feet while I worked keeping me company.  This was a fun wedding to be a part of!